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$ 5,238,095,238,095,238.09 goal

What if we held hands and bought the earth together?

Earth belongs to all of us. Let's buy it. Together. On the blockchain.

Then we'll turn it into an NFT and give it to the people.

Checkmate, governments.

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1.083×1021 m3

Volume of Earth


Value of Earth


Cost to acquire cubic meter of Earth

A New DAO Dawns

Blockchains have revolutionized the world. Now they can own it too.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – or DAOs – are legally unrecognized organizations of hackers, code crackers, and chatroom yakkers. They can be used to accept money from people, and then spend that money on other things. Because of complex and subtle math, it's impossible for this to be a scam.

We were inspired by ConstitutionDAO (refunds now available!), which successfully failed to buy the U.S. constitution at auction. We're building on this innovative approach to purchase the entire planet Earth.

Why Earth?

Earth is, by far, the best planet for us to try this technique on. Most importantly, it has a vibrant and growing ecosystem of blockchains. Additionally, it already has an established power grid that can be maxed out to validate transactions. It also has a breathable atmosphere and decent nightlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your plan?

The DAO will purchase all of Earth as it becomes available. When the DAO completes all purchases, it will mint the Earth as an NFT which will be co-owned by everyone who owns tokens in the DAO. NFTs are ideal for this purpose – if anything is non-fungible, it's the Earth.

Who is selling the Earth?

Parts of Earth are for sale all the time. We'll pick them up over time, until EarthDAO owns the entire Earth. Where people are unwilling to sell, we will apply social and political pressure, financed by the tokenholders of EarthDAO.

Why is it a DAO?


Is this a smart contract?

Yes, this is a very smart contract.

Is this real?

Yes. It is real and "on the chain". You can invest in EarthDAO by exchanging Ethereum for EarthDAO tokens on Juicebox.

Is this legal?

Some laws in some jurisdictions may need to change, but that can be solved by applying an appropriate amount of money to relevant politicians, business leaders, or other public figures.

How much should an individual spend investing in EarthDAO?

Everybody's financial situation is different. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend no more than 80% of your annual income be converted to EarthDAO tokens.

Who should invest?

Most people. There's a clear benefit to everyone – nobody wants other people owning their planet. Some extremely risk-intolerant or backward-looking people may prefer to invest only emotionally in the project, but it's most prudent to get financially involved.

Can I get my money back if accidentally send too much of my life savings to EarthDAO?

EarthDAO offers the same consumer protections as the underlying blockchain.

Is EarthDAO purchasing the actual Earth, or some kind of copy of the Earth?

EarthDAO is purchasing the actual Earth, in its entirety. Specifically, we are buying the Earth at Wikidata item Q2 / Library of Congress Classification QB630-QB638.8 / Marvel Earth-1218 / Earth Prime.

Should we exceed our goal amount we will attempt to purchase other Earths, in ascending order of price, as technology and humanity's understanding of astrophysics allows.

I don't know anything about cryptocurrency! How do I convert regular money so it can be transferred to EarthDAO?

It's child's play. Just ask the most gullible and talkative person you know for instructions.

How will people in the developing world invest? They may not have computers or cryptocurrency.

As part of our mission, we will invest a portion of the raised money sending missionaries all over the world to explain the benefits of EarthDAO and encourage they invest.

What happens if the project fails?

In the extremely unlikely scenario this project fails, none of the money is lost. All the money collected will be injected directly back into the Earth's economy.

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